Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Remedial building works

It has been about three weeks since they installed scaffolding at the back of the apartment building in order to enable workers to have access to balconies. The workers are removing tiles and screeds, and removing and reinstalling steel elements on the balconies.

During the day the noise is quite loud, and it sounds like a huge dentist drill operating throughout the day at high speed. I had a look out the back today and there was water falling off the balcony above mine into the well created by the scaffolding. The noise stops in the late afternoon. It doesn't start until about 9am each morning.

According to the architects the work on this part of the building will continue for five weeks, which means there's two more weeks to go until they remove the scaffolding and set it up further around the building. The building spans two access points on two different streets, so you can understand that it's quite a large structure to deal with. I knew about this failing in the construction of the building when we bought the apartment in 2010, but it finally became reality in this form recently.

The workers are currently working out of a shed erected on the lawn next to the outdoor swimming pool. I don't see much of them because the work is currently being done on the back of the building, and I usually exit the building via the front door. It's not a major inconvenience, and as long as it ensures safety in the building for decades to come, I have no trouble with it. It will be nice when the whole thing is done though. Eventually they will be moving their scaffolding around to the front of the building also, and that means it will be right in my face each day. But that's probably not going to happen until next year.

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