Sunday, 16 August 2015

My son visits

My son Vivian has come to Australia to stay for three weeks. I picked him up from the airport on Saturday morning. The plane was an hour delayed from its scheduled arrival time and then he came through the exit into the arrivals hall an hour after it landed, so it meant that I was waiting around the arrivals hall for most of the morning.

We got in the car and came back to my place then we went down to Chinatown on foot and ate a bowl each of Taiwanese noodles. After lunch we quickly visited the English college Vivian will attend during the week during his stay in Australia, and then walked home.

We had a nap for a few hours then went out for dinner. We went to the local pub and had a meal and a glass of beer each. I went to bed at my usual time but Vivian stayed up watching movies on a commercial channel and eating potato chips. He likes movies.

This morning we got in the car and drove to the nursing home to see mum. Mum likes young men. There, we also met with my cousin and so the morning went quickly as we sat in the park watching the local dogs cavorting in the sun and lazily talking about this and that. I took Vivian home then we went out on foot to the Fish Market for lunch. After eating we went to the pharmacy and got him some medicine for his flu-like symptoms, then came back home after buying a flat white each at the Vietnamese cafe up the street.

Tomorrow morning he starts school early and I will go into town with him just to make sure he knows the route he has to take. I have also charged an Opal card with credit that he can use to get into town if he doesn't want to walk.

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