Thursday, 13 August 2015

At last we fit mum's new outsize shoes

Today as I was ironing my shirts I got a call from Linda at Comfort & Fit shoe store in Parramatta informing me that she would be out to fit shoes for mum this morning, so I turned off the iron and made my way downstairs to the car. I arrived at the nursing home as usual about 30 minutes later, and parked. When I got up to mum's room she was having the dressing changed on her legs. I waited a little while then called my brother in Texas so that he might talk with mum for a bit until Linda arrived as scheduled.

The photo here shows one of the models of shoes that she fitted on mum, and it fit perfectly. It is called a Laurel Xtra and the top of the shoe is special because it completely opens out in order to put the shoe on, so there's no painful levering of the shoe over a swollen and tender heel.

Linda also supplied us with six pairs of special non-elasticised socks that extend up the leg to cover medical dressings but that are not tight enough to stop the circulation in the legs. I took the socks down to the nurse station to ask the staff there to label them so they can safely be laundered.

I paid for the two pairs of shoes and six pairs of socks and saw Linda out to her car. She has visited the nursing home on previous occasions so she has already established her bearings in the building. Her company often sends out its representatives to nursing homes and private dwellings when it is difficult for those customers to travel to one of their stores.

Feeling much better after all the useful activity, I had a quick chat with H in the dining room and then went back to say goodbye to mum in her room. I'll be back there on Sunday with my son, who is visiting Sydney for three weeks from Saturday.

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