Tuesday, 18 August 2015

How you can comment on posts of friends of friends

A Facebook friend of mine recently posted this question: "Why is one of my FB friends getting updates from another of my FB friends, when they're not friends?" I thought I would do a blogpost to answer the question.

If I am your friend and you comment on another friend's post - and I am not a friend of that friend - then I can still see traces of your activity in the activity window at the top right of the Facebook screen (see image below).

Depending on the privacy settings your friend has put on the post, I can see the post they put - even though we're not friends - and maybe even comment on it. It all depends on privacy settings. If they have enabled people other than immediate friends to see their posts, then I can see their post in the activity window because you're my friend and they're your friend.

In the same vein, if they have enabled comments from people who are not immediate friends then I can also comment on their post, even though we're not friends. The activity window at the top of the screen is a way for Facebook to keep you updated on what your friends are doing with other friends. It is quite a powerful tool, and can help you to find new friends even, if you're looking for them.

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