Sunday, 9 August 2015

A need for new slippers

Mum has been retaining a lot of water in her lower legs, in a new development most definitely on the downside, and I am looking for suitable footwear for her because her feet have swollen up to a significant degree making her old Birkenstocks practically unusable. On Saturday after dropping by at the nursing home I quickly jumped back in the car and drove through the heavy traffic to Hornsby Westfield. There, in David Jones I bought a pair of Grosby slippers in an 'L' size and then headed to Target where I bought two different sizes of open slipper which are almost like a shoe. Then I took them back to the nursing home.

The Grosbys fit ok so I decided to put the unusable Target slippers in the cupboard in case they might be usable at some future point in time, and in the cupboard I found an identical pair of Grosby slippers, although in a different design. So now mum has two pairs of Grosby slippers, one in powder blue and one in pink. Today I also picked up a pair of Ugg slippers in Darling Harbour on the way back from a walk I made in the morning. I bought them in size 9, which would normally be a bit too big for mum, but with her feet the way they are currently it's all bets off as far as size goes. Whatever fits, fits.

The GP looking after mum has asked for a new test called a "dopler" which is apparently an ultrasound performed on the lower legs. The nursing home actually called me about this on Thursday but I was busy that day and the next so I didn't have a chance to get the test done last week. So it's something I'm planning to book in as soon as possible this week.

The problem with the water in the legs is that it comes out of mum's body around the feet and makes everything wet, so it's quite inconvenient. In addition, it is difficult with the swollen feet to find shoes to fit, and you need shoes for simple things like going to the dining room for lunch, and visiting the park. I normally take mum out to the park where we can watch the dogs playing when I visit the nursing home. We'll have to work on this shoe problem a little more.

I have seen some suitable slippers sitting on the feet of another resident and the staff told me to get some like them, but it's not immediately apparent where you'd buy them in Sydney. They are sort of like big bags for the feet. That is, they're foot shaped but they are loose and close up at the ankle with elastic. If you know where I can find anything like them, please let me know.

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