Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Production of the film based on J. M. Coetzee's book Disgrace is scheduled to start on 22 January, in South Africa. I blogged about this story at the end of June and since then the book has been voted "the best Commonwealth novel of the past 25 years" by a bunch of literature boffins assembled by England's The Observer newspaper. Anna-Maria Monticelli, who is the writer-producer of the fledgling film, "was thrilled" at the news, according to The Australian:

John Malkovich plays a professor living at his daughter's remote farm after having an affair with a student. He will be in Sydney for one week of shooting in March. Monticelli wrote the script, to be directed by Steve Jacobs, and is producing alongside Emile Sherman.

Looking at Monticelli's filmography discovers that she was an actor in Paul Cox's wonderful My First Wife (1984), playing Hilary. I remember the film well, but unfortunately I don't recall the character.


Meredith said...

I love that book too, although it is perhaps one of the most unsettling novels I've read. John Malkovich as the professor should do a good job.

Dean said...

Yes, it's a beautiful little book. Really comes to grips with the society at the time. A wonder.