Saturday, 16 October 2021

Tweeting better stories, episode ten: September 2021

Wanting to find a lighter-hearted way I offer readers this tenth post in a series.

This topical tweet, which appeared at 8.38pm on 18 September, was too tempting to pass up, so I captured it. Apologies for straying into the realms of the known!


The following tweet appeared in my feed on 3 September at 6.35am.

At 6.24am on 4 September the following appeared in my timeline.

Translated, the poem reads thus:

And all the stars of glass
of happiness and of beauty
shone in the dust
of the disordered room
And I dead drunk
and all a blaze of joy
and you drunk alive
naked in my arms.


The following echoing tweets – with the theme of falsity a mirror image of the last tweet – appeared in my timeline at 8.41am on 5 September.

At 8.46pm on 13 September the following two tweets appeared side-by-side in my feed. I love it when I see twinned posts with the same theme. Finding a pair like this is like a flash of lightning.


I saw the following two posts on Facebook at 11.16am on 6 September.

I saw the following humorous tweet at 9.09am on 7 September.

At 9.14am on 9 September I saw this.

I saw the following tweet at 5.13am on 14 September.

At 5.42am on 27 September I saw this tweet in my feed (which I translated online).

There are no rattlesnakes

I'm glad
That here we have not

We have financiers
And others as well
But rattlesnakes
We don't have

Life could be
Even more unpleasant

W.M. Auld

Very saga words

At 6.31pm on 28 September this appeared within my little world.


The following appeared at 6.34am on 7 September.

The following tweet was visible at 5.37am on 8 September.

On 15 September at 5.44am I saw this.

I saw this in my feed at 6am on 20 September.

Air & sun

I saw these two tweets next to each other at 7.39am on 21 September.

I saw these two tweets sitting together at 5.35am on 22 September.

I saw this tweet at 5.52am on 25 September.

Mind vs machine

I saw the following tweet at 7.27am on 10 September.

On 11 September at 6.11am I saw the following tweet in my feed.

At 1.58pm on 15 September I saw this tweet in my feed.

The following image appeared in my field of vision – circumscribed by plasma and glowing pixels – at 2.46pm on 26 September.

At 6.06am on 27 September the following appeared so that I could see it.


The following tweet appeared at 7.05am on 12 September.

I saw this image at 6.59am on 19 September. There is a constant and various range of fan art of this nature posted on Twitter, it’s too easy to find strange things, like this, to post. I wonder where all of the inspiration comes from. Presumably from a TV show or movie or genre novel.

I saw the following at 4.38pm on 24 September.


These cake tweets appeared in my Facebook feed at 3.36am on 23 September.

Books & writing

At 6.25am on 16 September I saw the following in my feed.

I saw this little item at 5.12am on 30 September, the last day of the month.


I saw the following tweet on 1 September at 6.10am.


This appeared in my feed at 6.21am on 17 September.

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