Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Tim Priest, an ex-detective and "close associate of Alan Jones" will sue Chris Masters over Jonestown, the controversial expose of the powerful radio shock jock. The story on The Australian's Web site (books page) does not appear in the print version of the newspaper.

This is the beginning of the litigation, I would venture. If this case, which will be heard in the NSW Supreme Court on 2 March, is successful, I would expect others, possibly even Alan Jones himself, to formally lodge objections to the book's content.

As the Wikipedia article notes, Priest gave a talk at a Quadrant dinner in 2003. The transcript shows that he is articulate and feisty.

It is, of course, no surprise that a Quadrant fellow-traveller should be the first out of the posts in the race to condemn Masters in a formal proceeding. The magazine is famous for its right-wing stance and is also, says academic Martin Krygier, obdurately contrarian.

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