Thursday, 11 February 2016

Redistributive taxation is Socialism

The Left thinks that the government knows better what to do with your money than you do. First it was superannuation deposits that they wanted to tax. Then it was negative gearing that they wanted to take away. Now it's death taxes that some loon on the Left thinks should be reintroduced because the government just wants to spend more money: your money.

This redistributive bent of the Left is exactly equal to Socialism. To the big-brother mentality that says that you are not entitled to the wealth that you have accumulated. To the idea that the government has all the answers, and that what you want is immaterial in the final analysis - even when it comes to your own property.

It has already started, of course. In 2014 the rules for aged care fees changed. Prior to July of that year, fees for aged care were calculated based on income. But old people don't have a lot of income. So they changed the way the calculation of fees worked so that it was now based on income and assets - because old people have a lot of assets, usually. The death-taxes-by-stealth of both sides of government has already started.

I know who I'm voting for in the next federal election. Luckily, the leadership change that we had recently made it easier for me to make up my mind.

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