Sunday, 21 February 2016

Dishes by the sink in the morning

I woke up with the sun today with my back aching as usual. The pain drove me out of bed and into a pair of brown trousers and a cream-coloured shirt. It drove me into the kitchen where I performed the daily rite of making coffee for myself. I booted up the computer and checked what had happened on social media overnight. There were a few things but nothing remarkable. A comment had been ignored, but there was no news there. A tweet I had been mentioned in the night before had been retweeted. Standard stuff really.

I drank coffee while I perused my fortunes online. The coffee was white and hot and I was soon drinking a second cup, but before long I was feeling sleepy again. I made some toast and put Vegemite on it and ate it, then I went back to bed. I had a dream full of anger and retribution and woke up an hour or so later. I got out of bed again and went out and had another cup of coffee and watched the social graph. Who even uses that term to describe what's happening in social media any more?  After doing this for a short period of time it's possible that I went back to bed again but I can't be sure. I think I did however because the next thing I knew I was getting up out of bed and going into the kitchen to make some fried rice.

I chopped up a container of shimeji mushrooms into slim strips and put them on to fry. I broke two eggs into a glass bowl and added milk, then stirred the mixture up with a fork. I took two shallots out of the refrigerator and chopped them into small sections, using some of the green leaves but not all of them; the shallots were a few days old and not all that fresh. I took the mozzarella cheese out of the fridge and carved off a slice, which I then sliced into strips. When the shallots had cooked for a short time with the shimeji I tipped the cooked rice from the blue container into the pan and stirred it around. I ground some sea salt into the concoction that was frying on the stove. When it had all settled I poured the egg-and-milk mixture in and then quickly added the mozzarella strips. I then stirred the meal around. Sometimes I shook the pan to settle everything in its place. Sometimes I stirred it with the wooden spoon. When it was ready I put it on a plate and set the meal on a placemat on the table. I added water to the frying pan and placed it on the bench. Then I got my final cup of coffee ready and sat down to eat.

When I had finished, I went into the bedroom and stripped the bed and put everything in the laundry basket, and took the basket into the kitchen. I stuffed it all into the machine and took the recycling garbage - a wine bottle and a milk bottle - out of the plastic container on top of the washing machine. I poured some washing liquid into the plastic drawer and set the machine to running. I took the recycling garbage out into the hallway - picking up my keys on the way out the door and putting them in my trouser pocket - and went into the garbage room to set them inside the recycling garbage container on the lower shelf. I noticed there was no other garbage there. It must have been early for people on my floor still, because they hadn't yet thrown away their bottles from the previous evening.

In the bedroom again I made the bed with a fresh set of sheets. Then I came out into the living area again and sat down at the keyboard to write a blogpost.

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