Thursday, 25 February 2016

A hot day in the park

I took mum for a walk out to the park today when I went up to the nursing home to see her. When I entered her room she was curled up on the bed like a coccoon, dozing. I tried to call my brother in Texas but he didn't answer the FaceTime call on the iPad.

When we came around the corner of the hallway toward the TV room I watched mum to see if she would veer off to plant a kiss on the head of the guy who had told me she was running around with her petticoats hanging out, but she didn't. In the elevator I asked him about this guy and she said she wasn't kissing him any more. "I learned my lesson," she said in summation. I didn't ask her any more questions about him.

It was very hot in the park and we sat in the sun. I made a short video of mum in which I introduced the idea of singing a song but she said she had been thinking of a song but had forgotten it. When we got back inside to her room mum started singing the song, which turned out to be 'Riding Down from Bangor' by Louis Shreve Osborne. It seemed a bit out of place after all the problems mum had been having with the guy whose head she had been kissing, but there you go. Old people are not always predictable, and can have a lot of personality!

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