Thursday, 18 February 2016

Book Chat, Episode 3

This morning I contacted my friend Grant to do the third episode of Book Chat, our vlog, the last of which we made on the last day of last year. I started a regular Google hangout with Grant in order to get the connection right before going to the Hangout on Air - which is the recorded hangout the video comes from.

It turns out that at this early stage in the proceedings Grant could hear me but I couldn't see or hear him. He managed to fix his camera but the headset he had used last time had gone missing (Grant has 3 children). He went away and a short time later returned with a working headset. We got underway and did the video.

This was the first time we had used a set of written talking points to guide the conversation. We learn new things each time we make one of these videos. Next time we will use a run sheet to tidy up the material at the front and end of each set of discussions.

Books we talk about in this episode of Book Chat are:

  • The Conquerors, Roger Crowley (2015)
  • The Edge of the World, Michael Pye (2015)
  • A Cure for Suicide, Jesse Ball (2015)

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