Tuesday, 31 July 2007

This is seriously irritating...

Handouts meant for planning my assignments somehow got shuffled up along with class readings that were MEANT to be handed back to the lecturer. Grrr. My pathetic email ("please can you load them on WebCT?") will no doubt cause teeth to gnash when she goes to her inbox.

On top of that I'm coming down with the flu. At least a cold. The blame lies with the Art Gallery of New South Wales, where organisers bungled their plans for a talk by French avant-garde artist Orlan. It really was horrible to wait outside, in a thin jacket, for an hour.

Only to be told the theatre was full and no, sorry, you can't go in.

Although I admit it was quite entertaining to mix with a crowd of 'alternatives' who turned out for the event. Even schoolgirls in their uniforms were on the steps. Waiting. For an hour.

I probably will not go to work tomorrow.

But I must make class at 5pm.

This gives me time for some study. I need it. Both units are mandatory for the course, which basically means I did all the yummy ones last year and, this year, must suffer for my earlier gluttony.

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