Thursday, 19 July 2007

Semester one results are in. I bummed in Strategy Selection in Corporate PR, with a 'pass'. I won't recount what my lecturer wrote on my final assignment. Suffice it to say he found some elements "silly" and others not relevant.

In Media Discourse I did better, with a final grade of 'distinction' but there, again, the final assignment did poorly. "I might suggest you use academic writing style," he wrote. Among other things that do not reflect well on my scholarship. The good final grade was due to a 95 in the first assignment.

In other news, through Fisher Library at Sydney Uni I have loaned back issues of The Weekly Times, a Victorian agricultural paper my great-grandfather wrote for. The State Library of Victoria would sell the films to me, but the cost ($50 per roll) is prohibitive. The years I want to see are 1920 to 1930, which makes 41 rolls. Too much even for a rellie.

I also got hold of the unit history of the Seventh Battalion, in which my great uncle fought in WWI. Costing only $25 for a CD-ROM, it's well within my means.

Still no book reviews: I've been busy photoshopping images for my personal Web site (link at right). Some are not linked from the home page due to questionable content. I may set up a new domain and publish them anonymously.

Semester two starts next week, so there won't be any book reviews until the end of the year. If all goes well, I'll pass the course. Then I'll be a 'master' -- no longer just a 'bachelor', an apprentice or any other lowly grade of professional.

Tomorrow I'm booked to attend a 'Corporate Writers Workshop' in the city, which should be fun. I did a lot of press release writing when in Japan, so this is a chance to hone those skills.

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