Thursday, 12 July 2007

Global warming took up a huge chunk of time on the ABC tonight. Back in April, I mentioned a documentary, The Great Global Warming Swindle. We saw it tonight, followed by an interview conducted by ABC journalist Tony Jones who grilled the filmmaker, Martin Durkin.

After that we had a bunch of scientists and other pundits talking around questions from Jones. Finally, the audience was invited to speak but most of their questions were brushed aside by Jones.

One of the audience members was a guy I spoke with on a Sydney street corner. He's a member of the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia, who believe anthropogenic climate change is a policy push by fascists who want to cull third-world populations.

Clearly, these people are wrong about the reasons for the climate debate. They are not wrong about the 'religious' aspect of the whole thing. Dissenters are vilified and belittled.

This month a letter I wrote to the editor of right-wing magazine Quadrant was published. It contains issues scientists have consistently failed to address.

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