Monday, 2 July 2007

More attractive females in the news...

Emma Watson, whose dinkus (right) appears in a rotating feature box on The Sydney Morning Herald's Web site, is clearly no longer the schoolgirl in plaid and pigtails of the early Harry Potter films. She's interviewed by Helen Barlow.

Hermione was brainy, common-sensical and fiercely loyal to Harry. All well and good. But the new look just won't sustain that profile any longer. There's the little issue of sex appeal to consider.

You see yourself and you say, 'God, who is that girl?'.

Watson is still only 17. She says kissing Grint will be awkward: "he's not my type."

"Director David Yates describes [Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, which starts filming in September] as being about sex, drugs and rock'n'roll."

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