Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Alan Jones pays up, reports Jennifer Cooke in The Sydney Morning Herald. Litigation pursues Jones like a curse. Chris Masters, his biographer (unauthorised) was sued by a cop last December, and now Jones will pay another to settle a grievance dating back to February 2004.

This blog wasn't around in those days, so I've not got the story to tell.

Clive Small was apparently "mysteriously" sacked from his job as assistant commissioner as a result of comment by Jones on his radio program, broadcast by 2GB. Small's most recent job was as "director of strategic operations" in another part of the force. It's obviously a euphemism for 'booted upstairs'.

Jones' remarks singled out Small's role in the fight against south-western Sydney crime that was blamed on "Lebanese gangs". Jones is notorious for targeting this sector of the community. He was cautioned by the peak media body in April following remarks broadcast after the December 2005 Cronulla riots, when thousands of patriotic Anglos stormed the beachside suburb looking for vengeance.

Against Lebanese men. The men had assaulted a surf lifesaver who had come to the assistance of a young woman who the men were harrassing. The man was injured. Remarks aired on Jones' program actually came from a caller to the station. But the media "watchdog" (sorry for the lame epithet) said Jones was at fault.

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