Friday, 20 July 2007

Semester two starts next week, so I had a final splurge and purchased six magazines (Lurzer's Int'l Archive, Plastique, men's style, Vanity Fair, Seventeen, and Desktop) on the way home from the workshop.

Lurzer's I flicked through on the train back from the city. It's a collection of advertising art from around the world. There are pieces from South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, and Oceania. It's frankly fascinating. And especially following the Photoshop work I've done over the past week, very compelling.

This is one poster, from Britain. Click to view: it's a very nice composition, slightly retro, that places police work in an unexpected light. A strong image, I believe. The mag also served to start a conversation on the train. The woman who sat next to me obviously thought the images interesting, and we chatted for about eight stations until I alighted.

Seventeen is also interesting, as its readers are pubescent girls. The amount of information on make-up, dating, and fashion is disturbing. But four pages on skin cancer testify to a more serious element in the editorial mix.

The workshop was fun, and took place at the Grace Hotel, an old establishment in the heart of the CBD. As the most experienced participant, I enjoyed talking with the convenor, a journalist, and introduced the concept of a wiki, as an intranet medium. Two of the people gave me their cards and asked that I send more details by email.

Maybe I should go into consulting. The pay would be better, but it would be contract work, which I object to on principle. I started at my current employer as a contractor and now am 'continuing' (their euphemism for full-time). And I like the security full-time employment brings. I've got a mortgage to pay.

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