Sunday, 7 January 2007

Reg Mombassa is best known for his graphic designs for the T-shirt manufacturer Mambo. But he has also produced many other paintings, which can be seen at the S. H. Ervin Gallery on Observatory Hill until 25 February.

Of particular interest are his paintings of houses and landscapes, including 'Sunshower' (2003) and 'Treeline with approaching storm, Taree' (1998).

So different from the cartoonish, and highly stylised pictures that he sometimes paints that they seem to be from the brush of an entirely different artist. But his skill is evident in either case. Mombassa is equally at home painting from nature as from his own imagination. In either case, we are presented with credible images that possess an inherent plausibility.

The highly-designed images have tremendous poise and vibrancy. The landscapes have great charm.


kimbofo said...

Reg Mombassa is a very talented man. Unfortunately, I always associate him with the band Mental As Anything - he was the lead guitarist if I remember correctly!

Dean said...

Yes, you are right, he was. He certainly is very talented. He also writes very amusing poetry. And the eye-opener for me were the lyrical studies of houses and landscapes that are hung in this exhibition.