Friday, 19 January 2007 and Borders Books and Music, according to Yahoo! News, have launched a joint venture.

"The power of social networking and social media is changing the way companies interact with their customers," CEO Tom Gerace said Tuesday in a statement. "Borders is a brand that appeals to highly educated and highly informed adults who are the core of the community."

The online community is located here. According to another story, this time on Yahoo! Finance:

"Conversations about books, music and movies happen every day at work, at home, at dinner parties, and just about everywhere," said Borders Group Chief Executive Officer George Jones. "That's what makes our business so dynamic. Now that we have teamed up with, Borders customers will find the best content available online and can use the power of the platform to engage in a new level of social interaction on their shared passion for information and entertainment and their experiences with Borders. This is very much aligned with our mission to be a headquarters for knowledge and entertainment throughout the world."

The story was announced on 9 January.

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