Thursday, 4 January 2007

Got my book fix again this afternoon during a visit to Centro Bankstown, which I've never set foot in before. Curiosity, more than anything else, and the need to replace my coffee maker, urged me to venture out west. I jumped into the car at around 5.00 and scooted down Canterbury Road.

Navigating was easy, and I found a parking spot immediately. It's a cavernous shopping centre, and you enter via the food hall. At least from where I parked my car, just off North Terrace. After that you follow the signs. To David Jones, in my case (I'd seen their ads for coffee makers in the paper earlier in the week). Books were the furthest thing from my mind, and I walked straight past Angus & Robertson (although not before checking out the sales displays filed along the front of the store).

DJs in Centro Bankstown is dilapidated and under-staffed. I bought my coffee maker plus a beard trimmer upstairs. When descending the escalator, I hit trouble: a sale table right in the middle of the aisle. Without thinking I started scavenging. Two books ended up in my hands: Autograph Man by Zadie Smith and Our Sunshine by Robert Drewe (a popular Australian fiction writer).

The second of these books is about Ned Kelly, the famous bushranger.

The sign said 30% off the (already low) sticker price, so I paid just over $10 for these two. I arrived home at 6.15 and immediately entered the books into LibraryThing. It's like an addiction, this inability to go past a cheap paperback.


Ron said...
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Ron said...
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Mr Darcy's Wet Shirt said...

Nice blog Dean. I've clicked a couple of other blogs on your list. Glad to see of their existence.

I have Autograph Man but I never got into it as with White Teeth though.