Monday 1 January 2024

New works to start the year

Last night I was busy busy busy making combines, starting with one about NY Eve.

'Observatory Hill 31 Dec 2007', 2024.

Other things followed overnight, as I combined photos of country roads, city streets, and fireworks, TV dramas. All of the things that I love. Dad told me once that Joao Luis' family got preference in Portugal by pyrotechnics, I wonder if it's true. Maybe in 2024 I'll talk more with my family over there, they sort of got upset with me because I had been complaining about my father.

'Highway III', 2024.

'Pink', 2024.

'Proof III', 2024.

I charged through all night, making 17 combines in the space of about 12 hours. It was an epic session and I had a great deal of fun combining colours.

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