Thursday, 27 May 2021

Take two: Homo Irrealis, Andre Aciman

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I bought this in Newtown where I’d travelled by bus, walking from Redfern along Abercrombie Street – a street fabled in my memory due to associations with people and times past – and stopping on the way to the bookstore at Campos Coffee to get supplies. The trip was made on 22 May. I caught the train back to Redfern then got on the 309 bus toward my home. I read the book on the platform and at the busstop, immersing myself in the writer’s thoughts about remembrance of things past. The book also talks about how reading works in other ways, furnishing material for the imagination to dream up alternative futures but I felt at times, while reading, as though Aciman – a man made popular by his novels, not on account of his nonfiction – were trying to find new words for old things.

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