Tuesday, 9 June 2020

‘Eternity’ – Skywriting over Sydney CBD

On Friday 5 June I snapped the following photo, in which the building where the tail of the “y” terminates is – a new casino under construction …

There’s a tradition in the city of using this word in this script. As I wrote in a post – see first link, below – published on 28 November 2017, in that instance the ‘Yes’ graffiti was “written in the same style as the word ‘Eternity’ that had come to be an icon of Sydney in the middle of last century, when it was written again and again at different places in the city starting in 1930, by Arthur Stace, a reformed alcoholic. There is a Wikipedia entry about Stace, who became known as ‘Mr Eternity’, and who lived in Pyrmont. He was inspired to write the word after hearing a sermon at St Barnabas Church, on Broadway.”
So, the skywriting seen last week by visitors to the city might not’ve been a complete surprise. 

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