Friday, 26 June 2020

Anzac Bridge commuter

A man with a rucksack on his back walks down the access ramp at the eastern end of the Anzac Bridge in Sydney at 8.51am yesterday.

What caught my eye were the curves comprising, in the composition shown below, a concrete ramp, pylons, and balconies on the apartment building in the background that sits on Bank Street at the corner of Quarry Master Drive. As well, you can see the retaining wall for the planter box underneath the ramp, a streetlight, and bollards installed to protect the massive structure. In fact, the entire image is filled with gradients of more or less extremity and acuteness.

The bollards were put there since many trucks use Bank Street (see street view, below) to get to local building sites, as well as to the cement mixing station that is operated by a private company, and which sits next door to the Fish Market. The second image below shows the map of the area, with the green squiggle of the access ramp near the centre of the frame.

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