Monday, 25 November 2019

Road trip from Melbourne, heading north: Two

This is the second of two posts containing photos from a road trip taken over a decade ago. It contains 46 photos from the second day (Tuesday, 5 August 2008) of a two-day trip from Victoria to Queensland along the Newell Highway. On this day, despite the Millennium drought, I encountered rain, which cleared by the time I was in Queensland. The first image shown below was made at 4.29am.

The rest were made between 7.29am and 4.49pm. Taking my cue from some of the previous day’s efforts, some images I made on the Tuesday are out-of-focus or fuzzy which is, now, the kind of image that appeals to me the most. The sharp-focus shots seem uninteresting by comparison. I like the way the windows get in the way of the scenery or how the trees blur as the car moves along the carriageway.

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