Thursday, 14 November 2019

Flashback: Fantastic colours in an episode of ‘CSI’

These photos were taken on Sunday 15 April 2007 between 9.47pm and 9.58pm. I was fascinated by the colours used for this show, which started screening in the year 2000. Last month I wrote about a similar show – the UK’s ‘Silent Witness’, also a police procedural and also involving the activities of forensics experts – which had started screening a few years earlier than ‘CSI’. The ‘Silent Witness’ photos in my earlier blogpost were snapped about a year after the ones that are on the page you are currently reading.

Both shows were popular in Australia, but the British program didn’t have surreal lighting like its American counterpart sported, a peacock with its plumage fully extended. Backlit walls, brightly-illuminated rooms seen through glass partitions, strategically-positioned spotlights. All of these visual elements added drama to the performances of popular actors, with their ideal faces.

A total fantasyland. I wondered, as I was watching my ‘CSI’ episode, some remnants of which are visible below, what the audience for this show, in the US, was like. What kind of people were they who demanded, on a regular basis, such highly-seasoned content? Now, we know …

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