Thursday, 31 October 2019

New office building, “Workshop”, at 21-43 Harris Street, Pyrmont

Last year on 22 August I wrote about the construction site that had been prepared for a new office building. They are now taking the scaffolding down to reveal the façade, and it looks like the building’s shell has been completed. The photo that appears below was taken on 15 October.

A development application was filed with the City of Sydney and approved on 4 December 2017. The developer is Milligan Group. The building is called “Workshop” and it will contain eateries.

The little sandwich place operated by the friendly Korean woman that had been running in a tiny niche near the light rail station is shut and there’s a “felafel bowl” place there instead. On the same square the burrito shop where the Turkish guy works is still operating and, in the same building, there’s also the café, run by a Chinese guy, and a convenience store. In another building, on the corner of Harris and Scott streets, the sandwich shop (also run by people from China) is still open.

There has been a lot of building going on in my suburb over the past two years. One site on Harris Street that will contain town houses is nearing completion. The cutting made for it was enormous.  And the blocks of stone that were made to clear the site were taken away by truck. There is also a block of apartments being built down on Miller Street.

Now, there is talk of putting in a new train station in Pyrmont on the planned “Metro” line that will run from Central to Parramatta underneath the inner west. In addition, the casino wants to put a big hotel on its site and the Fish Market will be relocated, with the existing site redeveloped. With the entire suburb being made over I wonder what will happen to the dwellings owned by the government that are currently occupied by tenants?

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