Sunday, 27 October 2019

Meditation: On the beach

The following photos were taken with a digital camera on 30 September 2011 (between 3.17pm and 3.34pm) at the beach in Maroochydore, in southeast Queensland, where I was living. Dad died in March that year, two days after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami happened. I was still, in that year, writing stories on commission for magazines.

The beach was about 500 metres away, to the east, from my apartment, which faced a road and, beyond that, a park where people played football on the weekends and, sometimes, for practice, on weekday evenings.

On the northerly margin of the playing fields stood a huge paperbark tree and there was, planted in soil in a pot on my balcony, an aloe which would flower some years. When it did so it tended to attract bananabirds which, using their claws for purchase, would cling to the plant’s peduncle so they could feed from its bright orange blossoms.

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