Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Rough sleeper, Railway Square

This rough sleeper in Railway Square, Sydney, has found an undisturbed place up against the wall of this building where he or she can get a bit of rest. While I was taking this photo the person moved and I thought they would peel back the blanket and see me. I stood on the pavement amid the foot traffic in this busy stretch of Sydney. Rough sleepers are usually found in this place. But there was no sign today of Mary's extensive cardboard shelter or of Paul's full trolley and the rest of his gear. A friend of mine who works nearby and talks with them regularly told me the names of these two people, but they weren't here today. Maybe the authorities had moved them on. Today there was a pup tent further along on the pavement which was taking up a lot of room.

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Gavin Heaton said...

Homelessness is a huge issue in Sydney (and elsewhere) that we struggle to deal with. We tend to think it is about housing. It's why we're running a hackathon on homelessness in September. Aiming for some tangible solutions!