Sunday, 30 July 2017

Graffiti in the Domain, Sunday

Today for lunch I went to Taylor Square and treated myself to a beef kebab (doner kebab in Turkish, shawarma in Arabic) and then headed down Bourke Street to Woollomoloo, where I turned left into Cathedral Street and headed up through the park to the gallery. There, I saw a small exhibition called 'Australian art and the avant-garde' which contained a dozen works influenced by Russian Modernism, most dating from this century. Of special note were two paintings by Nigel Milsom. Then I went across the hall to the exhibition of art from the Philippines, where I especially enjoyed a large oil painting by Rodel Tapaya. I decided to save the infamous portraiture jamboree (the Archibald) for an occasion when I could bring a friend, and so headed straight outside. In the Domain across the road from the gallery the two statues of sphinxes had graffiti on them. One had the name "Jacob" scrawled on it and the other one had the name "Boaz". On the pavement someone had written "What the health" in chalk, and nearby there was "Watch earthlings" also in chalk.

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