Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Up at the nursing home as usual

Today I saw mum as usual in the nursing home and we went out to the park as we mostly do. There were two dogs in the park. The dogs ran around off-leash and sniffed everything while remaining vaguely within the orbits of their owners. The dogs looked like they were having a good time.

Today mum seemed well. When I arrived in the nursing home she was sitting slumped on a bench up near the nurse's station on the first floor, where her room is located. She had just had her hair cut and looked stylish. I did not recognise the top she was wearing but I have stopped worrying about her clothes as it's clear that the residents of the nursing home swap things among themselves in a fairly random fashion.

There was none of the confusion today that I had observed last time I went up to the nursing home, which was on Sunday. This time when I left mum she was slumped forward in her dining chair as usual, with her head on the table in front of her place at the table. I had taken her coat, hat and sunglasses back to her room and I found her like this when I came back out. She often desports herself in this fashion but I assume it's just because she often gets tired, and needs to rest for a while before getting on with whatever it was she had been waiting for. In this case that would have been lunch.

There's not a lot to add today. This is just to say that things have returned to normal. Mum is being a bit dotty as she normally is. She said today that she was happy with the nursing home and even offered some relative praise for the food. She said she is not in a hurry to move on from the current situation. I said nothing. I have sometimes told her that she's not going anywhere as it was quite difficult enough to get her into this nursing home, but I stopped doing that. There's no point. If she wants to pretend that she has a choice about where she lives who am I to argue with her?

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