Tuesday, 15 December 2015

LNP wakes up to idea there are jobs in renewables

It's only taken about half a decade, in my experience, for the government to wake up to the idea that there are  more jobs in renewables than there are in fossil fuels. It hit me twice yesterday. First off was the First Dog On The Moon cartoon with Brenda the Civil Disobedience Penguin.

Then Julie Bishop appeared on-camera from Paris in the wake of the COP21 talks aimed at gaining global agreement on what to do about climate change. It was all "technology" and "innovation" parroting what the new PM has been rabbiting on about for months (well, since the coup in September).

That link takes me back to a blogpost I made in March 2013 about the possibilities for greentech investment in Australia alone, and how the carbon economy could fuel the broader economy by creating jobs and new business ventures.

But I've been rabbiting on about this stuff since my early journalism in 2010. Back in those days there was hope that something might get done as we'd just elected a government that had climate change as a major propeller of policy. Of course, the realities of government got in the way a bit and then there was the massive crash when The Rabbit got into the Lodge and smashed all the greenhouses, destroying a whole crop of cucumbers. I wonder if the dickwits in Parliament are going to get it right this time. It's not as if they haven't been warned. There are plenty of jobs in cleantech, you just have to ask the experts. (Or me. My phone number's on the website.)

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