Saturday, 2 October 2010

This image of an exhausted hyena IS NOT a picture of a blogger retiring wounded from the epic Grog's Gamut slang-fest that has finally it seems transitioned from the full-scale, no-holds-barred battle it resembled a couple of days ago (it started last Monday, 27 September you'll be interested to know; the blog post linked above contains a comprehensive list of pieces from members of both the chronically-understaffed Grand Lodge of the Virtuous Quill and the fatally-splintered Grog's Unrepentant Rabble of W00ts, which are, for the record, the twin forces that locked keyboards with such splendid abandon during that exhausting five-day festival of loathing and mutual distrust we must now bring down the curtain upon, and before the shrine of which deposit, with mingled feelings of pride and happy self-regard, a memorial asterisk) to a barely-simmering cauldron of repressed grievances and hatreds that shall probably lie dormant, like a fabled volcano in a brick-sized fantasy novel picked up for a buck at the second-hand store next to the porn shop, until a future chance event causes the swirling magma of irrepressible agency that forever seethes just below the quiet surface of the Internetz to pop out once more and scare the living crap out of the GLVQ's haughty editors and GURW's sartorially-diverse tweeps, alike.

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