Friday, 29 October 2010

I hope this is not an adverse sign delivered by the higher powers in the universe. Do bad things always happen in multiples? The thing is that my wireless card has stopped functioning. I called the internet provider earlier this morning and they said there are no problems in my area with connections. The modem manufacturer, who I called next, said the modem is functioning correctly (glad I had a long cable handy so that this check could be done). And the computer, an HP Pavilion p6020a, was purchased in July 2009, which means that it's out of warranty.

And I'm driving interstate today. Which makes me wish this mishap had happened either earlier or later. A jinx? We'll have to take it easy on the road today: keep within the speed limit, watch for morons overtaking on the stretches. I made a point of checking the tyres last night and found they're fine. Petrol is also at capacity in the tank. I furthermore washed the inside of the windscreen because there might be some night driving on the way back from New England.

In the final analysis there's no logical reason to worry but you cannot help feeling let down by the world in a case like this one. Additionally, the computer maker is not contactable by phone for this type of problem during hours convenient for me this morning so I will just have to knuckle down and make the best of it until I get back next Monday. Until then, enjoy your weekend!

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