Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Reg Mombassa (aka Chris O'Doherty), ex-Mental As Anything guitarist, poet and painter, was featured in a documentary, Golden Sandals: The Art of Reg Mombassa (Special Broadcasting Service) tonight.

And I missed it. Bugger.

Following the show, SBS opened up a chat room with Reg as special guest. Some of his words from that forum:

"My next exhibition is a group show in Hobart in August." He's also just had an exhibition on the Mornington Peninsula. There will also be a show in Adelaide at SoMA Gallery in October. He's also got a MySpace site for the band Dog Trumpet (caution: audio).

"The Mambo exposure has been helpful for my other art."

"I especially love your work at the Wayside Chapel. Was this a paid commission by the chapel or the Sydney City / local Council? Art in the community like that is great," said Mini Graff. To which Reg replied: "I gave that to the Wayside Chapel because they do such a great job."

Miss wrote: "What was the most inspirational thing you did / learnt at school?" And reg: "Art and then english were my favourite subjects."

Treasure Trove wrote: "Where can we buy your paintings and what price range are we looking at?" Reg gave them the link to the Watters Gallery.

Bobies: "Did you develop your in schools and university?" Reg: "I drew from the age of 2 or 3."

Norman: "What is your favourite art media?" Reg: "For the last couple of years it has been drawing with charcoal."

Stevewana: "I was disappointed that there was no comment about one of Reg's less known forays into the culinary artistic world via the subtle form of 'jug cookery'. I wonder Reg, do you have any new recipes for us?" Reg: "yes i have just learnt how to cook water."

Marija Djordjevic: "I have a black and white robo-fly drawing of yours purchased in the early 90's. Would you consider colouring it in for me?" Reg: "I would prefer that one to stay black and white because flies are black, they have no colour."

Hedgehog: "I used to live in Glebe for years and it was there , where I actually met Australian Jesus in the flesh. He used to take peoples dogs out for a walk. He used to tell everyone: "Jesus loves you" on Glebe Point Road." Reg: "I know exactly who you mean and yes he might be an Australian Jesus."

Mirko: "Reg has Kurt Vonnegut had any influence on you or your work?" Reg: "Not that i am aware of but i did enjoy slaughter house 5."

Mark Hops: "Do you still do those matchbox size ones?" Reg: "my eyesight is not what it used to be so i don't do tiny pictures much any more."

martin: "there is a God and His name is Jesus and I love the print of Jesus feeding the mass at the football. How can I get a print." Reg: "try contacting Mambo."

Jess D; "in the last issue of Monster Children there was a piece where they gave 10 artists a sharpie pen and asked for a ZPicture. You did Patterns Of Restraint(smoking Monkey). was there a big idea behind that series, and was it a new form of media for you?" Reg: "yes there are lots of ideas behind the smoking monkey and it was done with a texta which i don't normally use."

Adz: "Hey Reg, quick question. how do you stop your charcoal from smudging?" Reg: "spray it fixative."

crushton: "Hey Reg! I used to live just around the corner from you! Wasn't Kirks Bush a creepy place? We used to live in the old Kirk house on Beach Rd! Just love your early work. Don Binnyish! only better." Reg: "yes my cousins told me it was full of timberwolves, so i was very frightened of Kirk's bush."

Addo: "Hey mate. what do u use to get the colour in your works?" Reg: "coloured pencils and paint."

Martin Schmidt: "Can I buy you lunch at Tabou, Surry Hills over the next few weeks? Name the date. I promish not to be a boooooor." Reg: "yes thanks as long as you know how to cook water."

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