Thursday, 24 May 2007

Kaihana Hussain's committal hearing on the Gold Coast in Queensland today saw her father Muhammad relate that she said "die both of you now" after stabbing her mother Shaheda and father.

"Mr Hussain said the attack happened just two days after his wife and daughter had returned to the Gold Coast from a trip to their native Bangladesh and during the Islamic religious observance of Ramadan," according to a story from AAP run by both The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian.

I reported the story back in November. Late last month, I telephoned The Australian to discover when they would be covering the story again. They told me this month. Now it's here.

"'What mistake we have done for us to die'?" her father apparently asked her, as he bled, "struggling in the process with his daughter as he went to open the front door".

Two days ago The Courier Mail, Murdoch's Brisbane tabloid, ran a story. It tells of a witness, Tony Laws, who "heard two loud groans followed by a scream in a nearby unit".

Luckily, the dispute he had had with his daughter came to light under cross-examination.

"Under cross-examination by defence lawyer Dennis Lynch, Mr Hussain said he was "very angry" his daughter planned to convert from Islam to Christianity and disapproved of her relationship with university student Benjamin Miles Thomas Brady," reports AAP.

Immediately following the stabbings, Kaihana apparently told Christine Donnelly, a neighbour, her father "was trying to kill her because she had switched from the Muslim faith to Christianity", according to The Gold Coast Bulletin.

"She was not crying, she was not sobbing, she was just hysterically demanding that I must believe her." The local paper's coverage is decidedly the best.

"Police allege Ms Hussain stabbed her parents because they did not approve of her older boyfriend with whom she had become involved in a two-year internet relationship."

Kaihana apparently "showed no emotion" during proceedings on Tuesday. For the rest, we must now wait till the hearing reconvenes in October.

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