Friday, 9 February 2007

On a whim, I decide to go to Buderim. My mother had told me that it was like Sydney's north shore, where rich people live. I wanted to see for myself. So I asked some people what they thought of Buderim.

"Lot of rich buggers up there," said my tobacconist. "It's the oldest part of the settlement."

"It's retiree-based," said a man wearing a green tie. "Very nice properties. Nice coffee shops."

"Bit of the new and a bit of the old," said a bus driver.

I board the 617 at 4.40pm at Sunshine Plaza. The bus goes east on Aerodrome, then south on Maud. The traffic is backed up for about half a kilometre. We go up Sugar Road then into the thickly-wooded hills within view of the coast. The ascent is steep.

After my arrival I take the above photo just after stepping off the bus. Then I walk down Main Street and turn east into a steep incline called Ballinger Road. These houses, like most of the houses in Buderim, are set among trees. Many have spectacular views of the coast.

I go back to Main Street and walk up the hill aways. The following photo is taken from a vacant lot overlooking the coastal strip, next to an enormous club.

My legs stiff from yesterday's climb and my calves red with sunburn from this morning's trek out west, I head for the bus stop. Behind it is a green park surrounded on three sides by tall trees.

If you're familiar with the topology of Sydney, I would say that the journey from Maroochydore to Buderim was like going from Bondi to Pennant Hills, then to Cherrybrook and to Katoomba. Rather than the north shore of Sydney, I think Buderim resembles the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney.

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