Saturday, 17 February 2007

Journalist Ben Hills' book will not be published in Japan by Kodansha, Japan's largest publishing house, reports (a Murdoch vehicle).

The publisher said it had worked with Mr Hills on changing "errors" for the translation, but that it was upset when in media interviews he refused to apologise.

"Our company cannot condone the attitude taken by the author on clear errors contained in the original book," Kodansha Ltd said.

Hills certainly did not apologise, as I reported yesterday. In fact, he went on the attack. This, of course, is what has caused the publisher to pull the release. Hills' attitude goes against the grain. He is unrepentant, as we would want him to be. Not able to condone pressurising by the Japanese government, Hills lashed out.

Because the errors were not 'clear' and the Japanese government was not able to provide evidence disproving them.

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