Thursday, 23 June 2016

Mum is in hospital ward again

Yesterday I picked up mum's old housekeeper G from the airport. We went up to the hospital in the late afternoon - a bad time for the traffic - and saw mum but she wasn't really talking much. She was mumbling sort of incoherently and could barely answer you when you spoke to her. Today she was a bit more compos mentis and even opened her eyes at one point.

She has a bad infection and the doctors in the ward are still uncertain how she will go. It's a bit touch and go at the moment, frankly. G and I spent an hour with her this morning. We gave her half a bottle of water to drink - in a cup through a straw - and offered her some cake which we found in a packet on the tray near her bed. But she refused the cake. She looks very frail still although she is talking more than she did yesterday. We will go up again to see her tomorrow.

If anyone wants to visit mum in Ryde Hospital she is in Ward 7 out the back of the main entrance and up the ramp. She can respond to words quite well although her replies might be a bit confused. She has been very sick indeed, so you have to be a bit patient with her. Cake might not be eaten, not sure.

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