Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Just a quick trip up to see mum

I quickly dropped in to see mum at the nursing home today because the nurses there told me that she wasn't taking the antibiotics the hospital had given them to give to her. The antibiotics are oral type, and when I saw her with her head on her pillow, breathing deeply through her mouth, I understood the situation immediately. She is almost completely incommunicado. I talked with the RN, who told me they had been trying to get onto the GP but that since he had moved his practice, they had difficulty contacting him.

I only stayed for a little while. Mum was washed while I was there and during this procedure she uttered incomprehensible sounds that gave you the impression of displeasure. She didn't like being towel-washed. The nurses are doing for her as much as they can but it is difficult for them. They also told me they would be getting in touch with an after-hours doctor at 4pm. I called the nursing home a little while ago but they just put me on hold. They were obviously busy on the first floor with dinner. Then I called later and confirmed they would be installing a spray to keep mum's mouth moist while she is in her current state.

Tomorrow G - mum's old housekeeper - is coming to Sydney to visit. I had asked her to come down earlier. Originally she was to come down from the Coast on Friday. When I pick her up from the domestic terminal we'll go up to the nursing home on the motorway.

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