Saturday, 25 June 2016

Mum feeling better in hospital ward

G and I went up to see mum this morning in the hospital and she was awake and talking to herself when we arrived. She speaks slightly awkwardly - the jaw doesn't seem to move unimpeded at the moment - but at least she can make herself understood. She was amenable to humour and we had a bit of a laugh as the nurses came in and out, connecting a bag of antibiotics to the cannula in her hand. There was a vitamin supplement to dissolve in water and drink as well, which we accomplished during lunchtime. The cleaner came by and mopped under the bed.

So it looks as though the difficult time of mum's recent illness has finally disappeared, which is a relief. It took a bit longer than usual to go - four days - but she is now sitting in bed with open eyes listening to what is going on around her. That's a long way from where she was even yesterday, let alone on Wednesday when she finally was admitted to the hospital. At that time her health was very touch-and-go. Now she just looks like she's just waiting for the nod from the doctor to let her leave to go back to the nursing home.

About the future, I spoke last night with mum's GP. He called while we were in the restaurant having dinner. He told me that the periods between illnesses was getting too short - ten days in hospital giving you two weeks of free time in the nursing home - and that he would prepare a letter for the nursing home staff for next time mum gets sick. Which will be soon enough, there's no doubt. When it happens the GP will be recommending nothing more than palliative care in the nursing home. This means - sadly - that mum's days are numbered.

She has done well however. Back in November 2014 when she first got the diagnosis for the myelodysplastic syndrome the haematologist gave her a prognosis of only six months. She did a lot better than that, it's clear, and has kept herself together for a bit over 18 months now. She has had a good trot overall but it's going to be time soon to put aside the tubes and the drips and let nature take its course. I'm only glad it's not my decision in that case.

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