Thursday, 9 June 2016

Mum is back in the nursing home again

When I went up to see mum this morning she looked happy enough but was also a bit subdued. Her hands are still covered with bruises where the hospital staff put cannulas into the veins for the IV drugs she was given. Mum tried to give me an account of how these bruises occurred, which had to do with being in the back of a car with men and horses, but I told her she had been in hospital. She hadn't remembered this piece of information of course.

She went to sleep after I had been in the nursing home room for about 20 minutes, and snoozed on and off for the rest of the time I was there. I read news stories on my iPhone and caught up on my social media feeds while she slept. We had a cup of coffee delivered during my stay. The nurse also came down to see mum and I asked her to clip mum's finger nails, which was accomplished while I was there. She then took a bandage off mum's right index finger, which had been covered where a coin-sized haematoma has developed under the skin. Because of mum's blood disease she tends to come up in bruises at the slightest provocation.

Most of the time while I was with her she just snoozed away the time in her own dreams. I sat there scrolling through social media on my iPhone while watching the time. I left her alone after about an hour and drove home, bought lunch and had a nap myself. I don't know how long mum will continue in the nursing home. She showed no inclination to go for a walk - although I didn't ask her if she wanted to - and seemed just very tired. We'll have to see how she goes in the days that follow. I am planning to go up to see her again tomorrow.

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