Friday, 17 July 2015

In the wet

What a diversity of umbrellas! And then some people who were out in the rain today had no umbrellas. Hunched and unhappy-looking they trudged along in the winter rain. I had my black umbrella but there were umbrellas of many colours out and about this morning as I walked right across town and right back home for an appointment. For me it was an hour-and-a-half in the wet but for office workers I think there will be quite a few wet shoes under many a dry desk today.

I was able to get home and change out of my wet trousers and socks. The shoes I wore today are new ones and they kept my feet relatively dry but after that amount of time splashing along sodden streets there is sure to be a degree of seepage, so it was with relief that I cancelled another appointment this morning I was to go to by car and removed the wet clothes and put them in the washing basket ready to be washed.

How comfortable with tingling legs and feet to sit down with a cup of leftover coffee. How hard it must be for those sleeping rough in this weather. At the top of Martin Place on the left side as you ascend the hill there is a building with a large sheltered area where rough sleepers congregate but this morning I counted only one; usually there are more. Just one pile of blankets with someone asleep under them, the many layers of wool and polyester forming a barrier keeping the body underneath dry and warm despite the cold, hard pavement below. This weather has frightened most of the rough sleepers off, it would seem. I splashed through the puddles opposite the Reserve Bank where the fountains sit and headed down to Castlereagh Street holding my umbrella against the steady downpour.

Spare a thought also for deliverymen today. The women with their scarves wrapped up around their lower faces protecting their lipsticked mouths from the rain and wind might have warm, dry offices to go to in this weather but not everyone works inside. For me, I think I will heat up some sauce from two days ago instead of going out to get food for lunch. I can cook a handful of pasta to go with the sauce. If I remember correctly this sauce was made with capsicum, onion, mushroom and lamb chops. That sounds like a good thing to eat on a rainy winter's day like today.

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