Sunday, 19 July 2015

A visit to South Newtown

A friend wanted to buy a retro standard lamp today so I walked to Glebe to have brunch in a well-known cafe and then together we made our way on foot to Newtown, going past the turn-off to Enmore Road and around the corner toward St Peters to where there are a number of second-hand shops.

This sign was plastered to a sheet-steel municipal garbage bin set at a slight angle on the footpath, due to some sudden impact no doubt. I had some trouble working out what it means and I have to say that the meaning still eludes me, so if anyone knows then please let me know. The bin turned out to be a bit on-the-nose, by the way, so I found myself moving up the footpath some way to escape its noxious odor.

The bin is situated right outside one of the second-hand stores located in this part of Newtown. It has to be said that there are no second-hand stores located to the north of this sign, so from this fact I can assume - not without reason, I think - that the days of the second-hand store in Newtown are probably numbered. Nevertheless, we did find a suitable candidate for inclusion in my friend's apartment, so when we caught a cab at the kerb near the Dendy Cinema it was with our hands full.


Olga Teran said...

Hi Matthew, Olga here. Nice to read your posts. The sign in question in Newtown translates from Spanish as: there are no races, only racists. I didn't need Google Translate for this one for obvious reasons, but I find it comes in handy for other languages I do not speak. I managed to get a very accurate translation of a whole page in Chinese recently. There is a word limit in the box, so I split the page and voila, translation done.

Matthew da Silva said...

Thanks for the information, Olga. Hope you are well. I actually made my way up to Newtown again today to buy some coffee at Campos in Missenden Road. Campos were recommended to me by Ant. I have been very happy with them. Usually I get the coffee delivered by post but I decided to take advantage of clear skies to go on foot today.