Sunday, 17 June 2007

No posts for almost a week because I've been working on my home page. Getting the design down pat has been enjoyable, because there is so much potential content. As pages get longer when content is added there's a temptation to split them to make more compact, separate pages. I find this very creative and enjoyable.

Content on my home page is, as you can see if you visit the 'About' page, sometimes challenging. Basically, material on the 'First Majority' page may not be suitable for minors. My disclosure to these visitors got too long, so I just flagged that page generally. There is no porn. Yet (is porn suitable for serious discussion?).

Some visitors to this blog may have noticed the change to my screen name. I can't fix precisely when I decided to do this. I guess with having the home page in the pipeline it seemed neater, as well as more honest, to disclose my identity fully.

As to the home page, as I said already: there is unlimited possible content. I have been producing drawings, photos and writings for three decades. Next time you check back, there might just be something new.

On the home page, I've structured content in a timeline because of much material from relatives about the different family strands going back to the Renaissance. My father did a lot, as did cousins in other parts of the country. I hope people don't think this conceited. It's not meant to be. Interest in history dating back to the first years of this century will ensure I have plenty of things to say about every age since then.

Lastly, I feel lucky that my name was still available as a domain name. The uptake of the Internet has been staggering, so the chances of it being available were, I felt, slim. But when I went to the registration company's Web site, it just popped up. Lucky me!

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