Tuesday, 5 June 2007

London's $A954,000 Olympic logo has attracted some flak, reports Scott Casey for the I think the "disfigured swastika" epithet is somewhat harsh and, moreover, I can say honestly that I very much like it.

It reminds me of the iconic work of Neville Brody, the star designer of the eighties (when I was at uni as an undergrad). This is a design he did for a record sleeve in 1985. The eighties must be worth a relook, at least in 2012, when the London games will take place.

China had it easy, because of the rich legacy it possesses. Chinese characters, especially the 'old-fashioned' ones being exploited in their logo(s), have a unique appeal, and signal to the country's ancient achievements. Such as printing (pity they did nothing with it).

London's logo certainly does more for me than Sydney's, although the boomerang motif is rather clever. But this kind of stylised running figure is, and was, commonplace. London has gone back in time for its inspiration, to a period I am intimately familiar with.

The logo's rocky reception is not necessarily a bad thing, furthermore. Any press is better than complete silence. I believe that with time the design will earn peoples' respect, and will even come to be admired.

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