Friday, 1 June 2007

Westfield's public relations is the subject of my final assignment for unit MECO 6908 in semester one: Strategy Selection in Corporate PR. It seems as though it won't be offered in semester two, as there's now no mention of it on the master's program Web page.

I've chosen to present the findings of all groups, who sent questionnaires to various Westfield stakeholders in an attempt to understand the company's PR strategies, in the form of a report to the board of directors, with recommendations. Other options would have been to do a report to a competitor, or to a blogger.

It's not due until 15 June, but I've decided to complete it early, to leave time for the final assignment for my other semester one unit: Media Discourse. This one is conducted by Prof Jim Martin, who works in the university's Linguistics Department. The mid-term assignment required an analysis of a two-page feature, using methodologies and terms learned in the first half of the semester. My grade for the paper was an astonishing 95 per cent.

The final assignment for LNGS 7274 is due on 18 June. It takes the form of a critical discourse analysis of two items of news covering the same story. I've chosen one print item, from The Australian, and one podcast video from The Sydney Morning Herald's Web site. Both items cover the recent sale of Steve Vizard's Melbourne mansion, which netted the convicted insider-trader a cool $18 million.

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