Saturday, 2 June 2007

Toyota's Hybrid X concept car delivers "Vibrant Clarity":

a design ethos grounding all design work in a unique and emotionally vibrant identity that speaks clearly of Toyota

The car looks as if the design model was the Yaris, Toyota's current small-size offering worldwide, and which was designed in France ("styled at Toyota’s European design studio, ED² and Toyota Motor Corporation Design Division"). The Yaris builds on the success of the Echo, which was designed by a Greek ("Sotiris Kovos ... a graduate of the renowned London Royal College of Art"). I bought a 1.3-litre Echo automatic in September 2005, the last year it was sold.

Toyota looks better all the time, and recently overtook General Motors in terms of volume, to become the largest car-maker in the world.

A Hybrid X would have been nice for me to use today. I left home around noon because of an invitation to a party out at Seven Hills, a suburb in the west near Blacktown. I took the M4 from Strathfield. A leisurely 40 minutes' drive, staying well below the 90km/h limit.

I've never seen so much food. The invitation was from a colleague who's son just turned one. Mainly Philippinos were there all, now, integrated into the mainstream of Australian society. They would have loved to see a brand-new Hybrid X in the parking lot.

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