Thursday, 8 February 2007

'Water views for sale - inspect now' exclaims a sign overlooking Cornmeal Creek. The building, which is partly managed by Reed Property Group, is called m1. Across Duporth are Aurora and Platinum. Metro is planned for construction.

There's Waves, North Cliffe Apartments, The Duporth Riverside. Then the orgy of luxury high-rise construction peters out and the pedestrian is able to see the river at the end of Wharf Street. After that there's an occasional multi-storey curiosity, such as this Spanish mission-inspired block.

But I didn't head out this way today — out west — to see the million-dollar vacationers of rich Sydneysiders or Melburnians. I came for something quite different, glimpsed a couple of days ago from the bus on my return from Mount Coolum. So I walk past Trafalgar Towers, Sitka, On The River, Juneau (under construction), and Banyandah Towers. "It's going leaps and bounds," says Robbie Judge, a resident manager of one of the blocks. I continue walking west.

As instructed by Robbie, I walk along Bradman Avenue. He's told me where to find some nice Queenslanders.

Mount Ninderry looms like an enormous grey-green pimple above the scrubby eucalypts and casuarinas that line the riverbanks. I finished talking to Robbie at 11am. At 12.15 I cross Eudlo Creek and head out into the countryside. Thirty minutes later, on Petrie Creek Road, I see the first one. Set on an acre or so of land, this pretty house is worth the effort, just to see.

After snapping this house, I turn south into Diddillibah Road. Here, the big houses are set back from the road. Most are impossible to photograph. This is one that I was able to shoot. It boasts a tennis court.

I turn east into Clarkes Road. There are a few more noteworthy houses, but nothing compares to the first one I located.

This one's quite sweet, with a cool verandah. The lady of the house, who I espied in the shade, gave me directions over the noise of her yappy little dog.

After this I wandered back to David Low Way and caught a bus. The trip back into town is only ten minutes long.

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